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Beastmaster Rakarth once fought a particularly bitter battle against the traitorous High Elves of Ulthuan. He led an army in which he had amassed the largest force of War Hydras in Druchii history. With nine of the mighty beasts at his command, he predicted a swift victory. The wizards Liandus, Ellyunnor and Aliana, however, accompanied the enemy. Within minutes, their combined magical barrage had whittled the Hydras’ number down to three; two of which broke and fled the field.

Rakarth vowed never to be defeated by High Magic again, and forged a pact with Morathi. She spun her spells over the surviving Hydra, known as Daerlythe, or “Burning Fury”, to turn it into the first of the Spellthirster Hydras. Dark Magic mutated the creature tremendously. Daerlythe’s skin began to glow with burning blue-black energy, and great rents opened in his flesh where Morathi had ritually carved dread runes. During his next appearance on the battlefield, it was found that he was physically weakened, but had also developed a strong resistance to magic, especially High Magic. A breeding program was soon established, and Daerlythe was retired from battle. To this day only one in every ten of his offspring shares his abilities.

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