What’s the Craic!?
Join Petso as he plays through and learns how to play as Zhao Ming!
As one of the rulers of Cathay, he is an immortal Dragon who can take human form. This makes him an incredibly powerful combatant, an amazing sorcerer, and a natural leader.

He rules over The Western Provinces of Cathay and the Ivory Road that leads into the Mountains of Mourn. A hardened frontier warrior, he maintains the western edge of the empire and keeps the Desert Clans in order. This area is less defended, if less chaotic (and Chaotic), area of the world. The Western Provinces contain beasts and men of all sorts coming from further West, as well as the regular incursions of Skaven and Ogres from the Warpstone Desert and Mountains of Mourn. The creation of the Great Maw still hangs heavy on this area, even as an uneasy peace maintains.


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