What’s the Craic!?
Join Petso as he plays through and learns how to play as Kostaltyn the Supreme Patriarch!!
Kostaltyn is the Supreme Patriarch of the Ursunite faith, and he is as unlike his god as it is possible to be. With wild hair, wild eyes and wither-thin limbs, Kostaltyn is a ghoulish figure, robed in the finery of the resurgent Ursunite faith. He is a howling, angry firebrand, screaming furious rhetoric at the enemy and urging the warriors around him to fight on with a fearful mixture of encouragement and threat.

Such sermons are preached by the Supreme Patriarch of the Ursunite Cult, and Leader of the Great Orthodoxy, Kostaltyn. But who do they put upon the throne? A child. The daughter of the Red Tzar has fallen to heresies of the Ice Witches. If Kostaltyn is to save Ursun, to step into the Chaos Realms, then the Supreme Patriarch must take control of the Motherland and have a united nation at his back.

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